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For security reasons, we offer the most safe and secure methods of payment available, iDeal, Mastercard, Paypal amongst others.

We are not allowed to sell alcohol to clients under 18. When we suspect this is the case, we will call the client for age verification. By law, alcoholic contents have to be delivered with an 18+ age check. For this reason our packages can not be delivered to minors or without the mandatory age check. When placing your order, you will need to confirm this as well. Please understand there are no exceptions we can make under any circumstance.

If a specific wine or vintage is not available, please be sure we will always contact you to come to a proper solution.





We have found a partner in the storage and shipping of our products by Grandcruwijnen BV. Because of this; don’t be surprised if your shipment comes in their specially designed package materials and they will be stated as the sender of the package.


With this partnership we offer our clients and members several benefits:


  • If you place your order on officedays before 4 PM the wines will be shipped the same day (if in stock of course) and in 99% of cases you will have the wines delivered to your home the next day (even on Saturdays without additional costs).
  • Our products are stored in a fully conditioned environment to ensure the best quality of the wines.
  • Storage is being done in a complete state of Carbon neutrality (CO2 neutral label) with a roof full of solar panels so the best conditions for the wines don’t have a negative effect on the environment.
  • We understand you can not be home all the time for your delivery. For this reason we offer flexible moments for delivery for you to choose from.
  • If delivery to your home is not an option for you, you can choose to pick it up from the numerous pickup-points of PostNL in the Netherlands.
  • No charges for shipping for orders above 100.- EUR delivered in the Netherlands.
  • No charges for shipping for orders above 125.- EUR delivered in Belgium.
  • Shipping to other countries is an option as well. For these orders a fixed fee will be charged.
  • All shipments are insured (within the Netherlands, as well as abroad).
  • Your shipment will be packed in a safe package designed for the delivery of wines.
  • Updates for the status of your delivery (including a Track & Trace code) will be sent to you via email.
  • You will have the possibility to change your date of delivery.


Complaints about delivery of our products

For shipment we partner with companies specialized in the shipment of wines. If you have any complaint about the delivery of our products, please let us know as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours) so we can see how we can come to a proper solution.





We buy, we enjoy, we celebrate to enjoy good moments in life. Because of this, your satisfaction means the world to us.


Legal warranty

All our products come with a legal warranty. This means the products need to meet the reasonable expectations a consumer might have. Wine however is a natural product made of grapes. In some (exceptional) cases, it might occur that the quality of the wine is not as one might expect.


Suspicion of cork taint

One of these reasons can be because of a symptom called ‘cork taint’. This is an official wine fault caused by the presence of chemical compounds (CTA or TBA) which do not occur naturally. If you suspect this is the case in one of the wines you have received from us, please contact us (within 14 days after your order) and send us back the wine for a check and (chemical) analysis. We can only accept the return of these wines if the bottle is at least ¾ full and it has been opened recently.


In this case, please send the wine back to:


The Secret Sherry Society

Hoog Soeren 126

7346 AG Hoog Soeren

The Netherlands



Please note that oxidation is a key feature for Sherry wines. Because of this, oxidational notes of the wines can not be a reason for your order to be refunded.


Returns for other reasons

If, for any other reason, you are not satisfied with the products you have received. Please let us know as soon as possible. Within 14 days after your order we are willing to refund your order after receiving back the products in good order and perfect shape (naturally). In any case, please keep us informed so we can keep an eye on your shipment.


Obviously, we can not refund the wines when they:


  • Have been opened or the seal has been broken
  • Have been stored improperly in the meantime (in a too warm or too dry place)
  • Have not been bought from us


General terms and conditions

For more legal information, general terms and conditions click here

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To immerse yourself into the world of Sherry, you have to be at least 18 years old, due to European regulations.